Suicide Scene Cleanup Services in Orlando

Respectful and professional suicide cleanup in Central Florida

The time following the death of a friend or loved one is a difficult one. At Biohazard Response, Inc., our goal is to provide respectful and professional suicide clean up and blood stain removal in Orlando to ensure your home or workplace is safe and sanitary after a death has occurred. Our professionals understand how a death affects the surrounding area, taking the time and careful effort to completely address blood, fluids, and other damage using trusted and effective cleaners and tools.

Understanding Suicide Cleanup

After a death, blood and other bodily fluids are left behind. Even after the body has been removed, these fluids cause property damage and can pose a potential hazard to building occupants. Suicide clean up focuses on the respectful and complete removal of damaged materials and blood stains or other bodily fluids to restore the area to its previous condition.

  • Any materials that are irreparably damaged, such as mattresses, curtains, bedding, clothing, carpeting or other flooring, and wallpaper, are completely removed and disposed of in a safe manner. These materials are removed quickly to prevent deeper contamination wherever possible.
  • Once porous or unsalvageable materials have been removed, cleanup of the remaining area can begin. Our technicians will use specialized cleaners designed to break down blood and bodily fluids so they can be removed from surfaces and, where applicable, important objects or belongings.
  • After cleaning, surfaces such as subflooring and walls may be sealed for added protection and structural integrity. After sealing, these areas can be re-floored, painted, or wallpapered during the final restoration process.

What You Can Expect from Your Suicide Clean Up Company

Biohazard response understands that you are going through the loss of a friend or loved one. When you hire our cleaners to address a suicide, they will provide the professional service you need with the compassion and understanding you deserve. If you have questions or concerns about the cleanup process, our cleaners will take the time to ensure you understand what will happen and what you can expect during and after suicide clean up. During cleanup, our cleaners will follow all mandated OSHA, trauma scene management, and biohazard waste transportation safety regulations to protect employees and future building occupants alike.

If you have lost an employee, friend, or loved one to suicide, you shouldn’t have to handle the aftermath on your own. You can reach the Biohazard Response, Inc. cleaning company by calling (407) 862-5552 for the help you need with suicide cleaning in Orlando.


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