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Expert Hoarding Cleanup Services in Orlando, FL

Hire Biohazard Response’s Hoarding Cleanup Specialists in Central Florida

Does your loved one have a hoarding issue? You should know hoarding can create dangerous living situations for your family member. Hoarding is the act of excessively and obsessively collecting items or trash and often accompanies a refusal to throw anything away. Homes with a hoarding problem can become filled to the brim with waste and unused items, broken furniture, and junk. They can quickly become crowded and unsanitary places to live. For many with hoarding issues, only narrow passages exist to navigate the house or apartment. People with hoarding tendencies collect pets, clothing, trash, knick-knacks, you name it! Make a positive difference in your loved one’s life with Biohazard Response’s hoarding cleanup. Orlando, FL residents can trust us to act with compassion.

messy hoarded home

Why Choose Biohazard Response for Hoarding Cleaning Needs

Hoarding cleanup can require removing feces, urine, and blood from an individual’s home. Our team can also remove dead animals, animal droppings, perform unsanitary residence cleaning, and decontaminate and sanitize an individual’s home. To do so, we utilize over 25 years of experience in safety performance. We have access to appropriate protective equipment, and because we’re extensively certified in industry-standard practices. But beyond adhering to sanitary and practical policies, we make sure the resident feels comfortable. In many cases, your loved one may become frustrated, anguished, and anxious about the process. We remain calm and compassionate, which helps improve the situation and make the process easier for the individual. During the process, we organize and de-clutter before removing junk from the premises. Then, our team members begin sanitizing the property.

Hire Biohazard Response to Perform Hoarder Cleanup

Hoarding objects and knick-knacks might seem like a harmless problem. Still, there’s a fine line between collecting and an unhealthy inability to cast aside junk. If your loved one is exhibiting a hoarding problem, you can help them by hiring Biohazard Response to clean and sanitize their living space. We always approach hoarder cleanup services with compassion and decency. Our goal is to introduce a safe and conducive environment for our clients. We take pride in our ability to improve lives by eliminating some of the more extreme risks involved with hoarding:

Poor Air Quality

Decaying waste, old newspapers, broken furniture, and dirty upholstery all collect and distribute dust, odors, and ammonia throughout the home. people with hoarding issues can accumulate mountains of these items in their homes. This may lead to air quality-related health issues, such as allergies and increased cold and flu illnesses. Removing these items and cleaning where they sat will eliminate the problem.

Mildew and Mold

Unfortunately, many people who hoard struggle with removing old, uneaten, or leftover food. Refusing to throw away old food items in the pantry or refrigerator is a recipe for creating a petri dish of harmful contaminants. Mildew and mold soon follow, both of which can multiply and cause chronic health issues.

Unsanitary Conditions

When a person known for hoarding has a significant number of pets and fails to adequately clean after them, they create an environment where disease, illness, and contamination run rampant. In extreme circumstances, some animals die and are never buried and or laid to rest, leading to a host of problems. We can handle even the toughest assignments.

Plumbing Problems

We often see related plumbing issues in homes with extreme hoarding. The consequences can be disruptive. For instance, clogs, sewer backups, and unhealthy sanitary conditions can result from poor maintenance of plumbing installations.

Pest Infestations

One of the most pressing reasons to immediately address a hoarding situation is the likelihood of pest infestations as the situation progresses. Cockroaches, rats, flies, and other pests latch onto conditions like often found in hoarding homes. These critters quickly spread diseases to humans, making removing their source of food and comfort essential.

Trip Hazards

When mountains of junk litter the floors, there’s little room for homeowners to navigate their home. Regardless of age, this is a problem. However, for elderly customers, one trip could lead to a swift health decline. If your family member is hoarding and has created an unhealthy living situation, the time might be now to address it.

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt Cleaning Yourself

You should not attempt hoarder cleanup on your own for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The cleaning process releases mold spores. We wear protective filtered masks.
  • Our gloves protect our hands from bug bites as we disrupt their habitat.
  • We know the warning signs of hoarder-caused structural damage and avoid injury.

Contact Biohazard Response Today for Hoarding Cleanup

Biohazard Response’s hoarding cleanup services help individuals reclaim their lives, health, and autonomy. The mental health risks of hoarding are too harmful to allow the situation to persist. Investing in professional deep cleaning can ease financial difficulties and legal issues, promote social engagement, and help individuals out of depression. You can help your loved one by contacting us immediately. We’ll send a team of enthusiastic, compassionate, and highly experienced team members to your location. If you are concerned about your loved one and their living conditions, please contact the hoarding cleanup team at Biohazard Response at 407-862-5552.

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