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We Clean up All Types of Crime Scenes

Crime scenes may seem fascinating on your favorite crime drama series, but having to deal with a crime scene at your location is not something you want to experience. Fortunately, the team at Biohazard Response offers professional crime scene cleaning services in Orlando, FL. With decades of experience with trauma scene cleaning, we provide crime scene clean up services in Central Florida. About one in three violent crimes occur in or near the victim’s home, but we’re here to help. If a crime has been committed on your property, you must contact the authorities so the incident can be properly investigated. However, after the authorities complete their investigation, you will be left with a terrible mess. Our crime scene cleanup services include bloodstain removal, so no one will know a crime was committed at your property. Learn more about our services and get in touch with us today.

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What To Do After a Crime Has Been Committed

Crimes can be committed anywhere. If your home or business has become a crime scene, you need an experienced cleanup crew you can trust to get the job done right. Biohazard Response offers professional suicide cleanup and trauma scene cleanup services in Orlando. The longer it takes for a crime scene to be investigated, the higher the risk of contamination. It’s critical that you call the right cleaning company without waiting too long because your own health and justice could be at stake. Check out these steps of what you should do after a crime has been committed on your property:

  1. Call the Police/Ambulance – As soon as you realize a crime has occurred, you must call the police. If an injured person is on the scene, be sure to request an ambulance.
  2. Cooperate With the Investigation – If a crime has occurred at your property, you must answer the investigators’ questions fully and truthfully so they can form a clear picture of what happened. Whether you were on the property during the crime or came upon the scene later, the information you provide is valuable.
  3. Hire a Crime Scene Cleanup Team – Although it’s unfortunate, the authorities will not clean your property after they complete their investigation. That’s when you’ll need to hire the death cleanup team at Biohazard Response. We do it all when it comes to thorough crime scene cleaning.

Potential Crime Scene Contaminants

Whether the crime committed on your property is an assault or a murder, there will likely be a lot of contaminants at the scene. Here are a few of the materials that the team at Biohazard Response is qualified to remove:

  • Forensic Residue – Investigators use all kinds of materials to aid with their investigations, including special powders and fingerprint dust. Crime scene cleanup involves ensuring these materials are completely removed from your property.
  • Bodily Fluids – Blood and other bodily fluids are often left behind at crime scenes. These fluids often pose significant health risks and must be handled by our professionals.
  • Tear Gas – Your health is at risk if you become exposed to tear gas. This dangerous gas might have been deployed on our near your property if a crime was being committed. We can remove tear gas and other contaminants.

Crime Scene Cleanup FAQ

Our crime scene cleanup experts receive many questions about crime scene cleaning services. Check out the answers to these FAQs and get in touch with us if you have any additional questions:

What is a crime scene cleaner?

A crime scene cleaner is a professional cleaner who is trained and experienced in cleaning up crime scenes. This service may include cleaning up blood and other bodily fluids as well as infectious materials. You may also hear crime scene cleaning referred to as biohazard remediation or forensic cleanup services.

What does a biohazard response crime scene cleaner do?

A biohazard response crime scene cleaner cleans up any potentially hazardous materials left behind after a crime has been committed and an investigation has occurred on your property. Some types of crimes that can be cleaned up include homicides, suicides, industrial accidents, animal biohazard contamination, infectious disease contamination, and more.

What are the requirements for crime scene cleanup?

The crime scene cleanup team at Biohazard Response is licensed and insured, and all of our team members are trained and certified. We are compliant with all OSHA regulations and certified in trauma scene management. Biohazard Response is an FDOH permitted bio-medical waste transporter.

How is crime scene cleanup different from a typical cleaning services?

Crime scene cleanup is much more in-depth than a regular cleaning service. Crime scene cleaning involves the removal of hazardous materials, blood, and other bodily fluids.

What are the risks of cleaning up the crime scene myself?

As a home or business owner, you should never attempt to clean up a crime scene yourself. Even cleaning with the proper disinfectants can result in many contagions being left behind. Cleaning up on your own can put you at risk and expose you to blood-borne pathogens, communicable diseases, infectious bacteria, and the often-overlooked psychological burden. Our team is licensed by the Department of Health and incorporates OSHA guidelines for all crime scene cleanups.

Schedule Crime Scene Cleaning Services

Time is of the essence when dealing with a crime scene. Our professionals are ready to clean your crime scene so you can get back to your life safely. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or request an estimate.

Offering Blood & Crime Scene Cleanup Services Since 1988 in Central Florida