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Avoid Dangers of Blood Exposure with Blood Cleanup Services

When a traumatic event happens, like a death or a crime where blood loss occurs, there is the possibility that blood and blood materials are present. Blood and bodily fluids can remain at a location following a traumatic event. When faced with this situation, a home or business owner should avoid self-cleaning at all costs. The biggest risk involved is exposure to blood-borne pathogens. This is potentially harmful and even life-threatening. These risks include hepatitis and even HIV. Standard cleaning practices may not be enough to eradicate the presence of these diseases. At Biohazard Response in Orlando FL, we are equipped to provide safe and effective blood cleanup services when the need arises. With our decades of experience and ability to safely and efficiently assess and treat a situation, it is a clear choice to put your trust in Biohazard Response.

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Why Choose Biohazard Response for Blood Cleanup?

Biohazard Response in Orlando, FL has the experience and resources to thoroughly and safely treat, clean, and dispose of blood spill remnants and properly clean and disinfect the scene. This leaves you with peace of mind that after a traumatic occurrence, there is no longer a threat of exposure to the potentially life-threatening blood-borne pathogen that may be present in blood and bodily fluids. We can help restore the environment, making it safe from communicable diseases and these potentially dangerous blood-based hazards. The knowledgeable and professional team at Biohazard Response can offer experienced assessment and treatment of the scene, maintaining the safety of the area as well as helping to prevent any further anguish from having to personally clean after a traumatic event.

How Do We Clean Blood Spills?

At Biohazard Response, we take the time to follow the strict standards set by OSHA for our blood spill cleanup services. Proper protocol is followed to ensure the safety of our team as well as the safety of our customers. Personal Protection Equipment is utilized as well as the use of appropriate cleaning and disinfecting solutions to leave the scene free from any risk of potential exposure to life-threatening diseases that can be present in the blood. Porous surfaces, such as carpets or clothing, can present a unique risk due to the nature of the material. Since blood is a biohazardous fluid, Biohazard Response will appropriately and safely dispose of the materials that cannot be cleaned or that were used in the process of cleaning. This ensures proper cleaning and disinfecting of the environment.

Cleaning Blood Off Clothing and Other Porous Materials

It is essential to the preservation of porous materials that have come in contact with blood and blood-borne pathogens that proper cleaning protocols are considered. Due to the nature of the material, it is important to follow steps to ensure the complete and safe removal of the blood. At Biohazard Response, we make certain to follow the steps and clean with the appropriate solutions in the appropriate order to preserve whatever is possible. Our extensive experience at Biohazard Response has a proven track record for reliability and safety and makes us the leading choice for blood removal services in Orlando and Central Florida.

Contact Us for Blood Cleanup Service in Orlando, FL

When the need arises, Biohazard Response is available to clean the scene of any blood or bodily fluids. You can contact us using the form on our website or call us at (407) 961-7743 to get answers to any questions you have about our biohazard cleanup services for homes and businesses in Orlando, FL.

Offering Blood & Crime Scene Cleanup Services Since 1988 in Central Florida