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Accident Scene Cleanup Services in Orlando, FL

Bio-Technicians Can Clean up a Multitude of Biohazard Waste and Materials in Central Florida

Biohazard Response has years of experience performing accident scene cleanup for our Orlando, FL clients. We protect and assist victims by handling the challenging task of cleaning the byproducts of serious accidents, including blood. Our technicians and management team work diligently but also compassionately because we understand that many situations involve death or a traumatic injury. We care about our customers, and we maintain a personal connection with them. At the same time, we do the important work for which they hired us. We’re licensed, insured, trained, and OSHA-certified, and we’re ready to help you.

man in hazmat suit with bag and clipboard

We Provide Comprehensive Accident Scene Cleaning Services

Unfortunately, accidents can occur at any time. Severe mishaps may require professional intervention to eliminate biohazard waste. Our expertise enables us to respond effectively to any scenario, including catastrophic car accidents and industrial disasters. Our bio-technicians have plenty of experience sizing up the scope of the project and forming an actionable cleanup services plan to remedy the situation. Working with Biohazard Response is the best way to guarantee you and your family’s or colleagues’ safety following an accident.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleanup Team

Our company is a licensed medical waste transporter, maintains up-to-date insurance and licensing, and is certified in trauma scene management. Additionally, we offer the following benefits:

  • We never ask you to pay a down payment for our services.
  • Our cleanups start at $299, which is an affordable and competitive rate.
  • Biohazard Response can respond 24/7. You don’t have to wait until tomorrow.
  • With over 25 years of experience, you can trust us to get the job done.

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt Post-Accident Cleaning

For numerous reasons, you should never attempt to clean blood or bodily fluids on your own. First and foremost, they potentially contain dangerous pathogens that can sicken those who live or work in your building. Among the bloodborne illnesses to worry about include blood, AIDS, and Hepatitis. You must use industrial-grade safety equipment to clean blood, something you won’t find at your local hardware store. But your physical health is only part of the equation. When accidents kill or maim someone, there’s a mental health component – you shouldn’t have to spend time cleaning following the accident. Additionally, removing blood or fluids from surfaces takes a specialized skill, something most property owners do not possess.

What to Expect From Our Accident Scene Cleanup Services

One of the reasons it’s so important to hire a licensed and certified cleanup crew is the complex nature of blood and bodily fluid cleanup. Missing details isn’t an option. Biohazard Response holds to a set of standards and practices, allowing us to clean and sanitize effectively. These are:

We Take Stock of the Situation

Before we clean, our technicians carefully inspect the area involved. We can clean and disinfect many surfaces, but occasionally it’s better to discard items. Our investigation phase helps determine whether to clean or discard, as well as form an action plan for the project as a whole.

Our Team Begins Cleaning

We don protective gear, including full-body hazmat suits with masks and head coverings. The gloves we use to protect our hands as we clean walls, machinery, floors, ceilings, and other surfaces. The disinfectants we use are strong enough to kill viruses like HIV, something you won’t find commercially.

We Take Extra Precautions

Post-accident cleaning involves extensive touching. Even with gloves, there’s risk involved. We do not recommend property owners attempt the task on their own. In addition to our extensive knowledge of cleaning techniques and chemicals, we also undergo rigorous safety training.

Our Team Can Help With Contingency Plans

In the case of industrial accidents, property owners have a secondary concern: productivity. While your priority remains cleaning and disinfecting, we understand you have a business to run. We can help develop a contingency plan for partial operations, if possible.

Contact Us Today for Emergency Accident Scene Services

For over 25 years, Biohazard Response has provided those reeling from destructive accidents with peace of mind and efficient cleanup services. Our expertise and compassion combine to deliver effective solutions to everyone who seeks our services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or receive 24/7 emergency services. Contact a trusted, quick, and professional Orlando accident scene cleanup company by dialing 407-862-5552. Biohazard Response also offers other cleanup services, including blood and biohazard cleanup.

Offering Blood & Crime Scene Cleanup Services Since 1988 in Central Florida