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Witnessing an accident is incredibly difficult, but witnessing an accident where there are fatalities is even more challenging. If you had an accident or trauma happen in your home, vehicle, or office building, do not attempt to remove any biohazard waste without professional assistance. Biohazard Response, Inc. has more than 30 years of blood cleanup experience and is Orlando’s oldest, most respected blood and biohazard cleanup company. Our highly-trained technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer complete restoration services for structures that are damaged due to any type of accident.

Our specialists can perform the following services:

  • Blood Cleanup: It is imperative to hire a professional blood removal company to ensure your safety. There are many risks involved with cleaning up blood-including possible exposure to dangerous diseases and objects. We send certified bio-technicians to remove any and all traces of blood and bodily fluids so you do not have to further your emotional and mental trauma.
  • Suicide Cleanup: At Biohazard Response, Inc., our goal is to provide respectful and professional suicide clean up and blood stain removal in Orlando to ensure your home or workplace is safe and sanitary after a death has occurred.
  • Crime Scene Cleanup: If there are any bodily fluids at the scene of a crime, we can help with cleanup. Removing blood and forensic residue requires specific cleaning methods to avoid complications and residual contamination that could harm you or anyone who comes in contact with said remnants.
  • Biohazard Cleanup: No matter what happened in your home, building, or vehicle, our experienced team can remove all traces of trauma so you do not have to worry about coming into contact with any bodily fluids. Our team has more than three decades of experience and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can eliminate all odors and signs of any form of trauma.
  • Hoarding Cleanup: Does your loved one have copious amounts of trash and items in their home? We offer hoarding cleanup services. Individuals who hoard are often living in cramped, dangerous conditions with only narrow pathways winding throughout stacks of clutter. We can remove any dead animals or animal feces, any type and amount of junk, and replace any old or damaged carpet.
  • Accident Scene Cleanup: Accidents, unfortunately, can occur at any time, and if an accident is severe enough, it may require professional biohazard cleanup services. Our team can perform blood cleanup services throughout Central Florida at any time-day or night, weekdays or weekends.
  • Trauma Scene Cleanup: Regardless of the type of accident or trauma that occurred in your home, building, or vehicle, our bio-technicians can remove bodily fluids so you do not have to be victimized twice. No trauma is too severe for our team, so we encourage you to contact us as soon as you can.
  • Infectious Disease Cleanup

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Our blood cleanup services start at just $299.00

We can work with your insurance company to determine if blood cleanup is covered in your policy. Biohazard Response, Inc. does not require any form of down payment. All of our bio-technicians are certified in Trauma Scene Management, licensed medical waste transporters, and are fully licensed and insured. Please contact our office by dialing (407) 862-5552.


  • Call For A Free Estimate (407) 277-0006
  • Most Costs Covered by Your Insurance Policy
  • Cleanups Starting at Just $299.00
  • No Down Payments Required
  • Rebates May Apply
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Certified Bio-Technicians
  • Central Florida's Premier Biohazard Scene Clean-up Company
  • Over 25 Years Bio-Recovery Experience
  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen; 29CFR1910.1030, Compliant
  • OSHA Qualified Trainer in 29CFR1910.1030
  • Certified in Trauma Scene Management
  • Licensed Medical Waste Transporter
  • Member of ABRA