Who Is Responsible Crime Scene Clean-Up Costs?

Who is responsible for crime scene cleanup

Many people assume that emergency responders are responsible for crime scene cleanup in Tampa . But in fact, emergency responders do not have the time to engage in trauma scene cleanup. Oftentimes they are even forbidden from referring you to a specialist who can. To find out more about who is responsible for crime scene cleanup, read on.

It is unsafe to engage in crime scene cleanup if you do not have proper training and equipment. Companies like Biohazard Response have a team of full-time biohazard removal specialists that can be called for trauma scene cleaning at any time of day or night. In most cases, the owner of the home or business in which the trauma scene occurred is responsible for cleanup. Biohazard Response can bill your insurance company directly or provide you with assistance in filing the necessary claims. We also offer affordable payment plans and accept most major credit cards. If the victim of the crime has no insurance, Victim Services may be able to help pay for the services.

Understanding crime scene cleanup responsibilities