What to Understand About Hoarding Behaviors

If you have a loved one is in need of hoarding help near Orlando , it’s important that you have a basic understanding of hoarding behaviors. Before hiring a professional cleaning service for hoarding cleanup services, your loved one will have to be ready and willing to accept help for hoarding. The DSM-V, or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, recognize hoarding disorder as a clinical mental disorder. The DSM-V is the American Psychiatric Association’s primary diagnostic and classification tool.

Hoarding is different from simply being a packrat or holding on to sentimental items. Compulsive hoarding is characterized by an extreme, disruptive, and pervasive anxiety surrounding the disposal of possessions, regardless of what value the possessions have to others. Those who suffer from a hoarding disorder will experience emotional, social, physical, financial, and legal problems as a result of their hoarding, yet they are still often extremely resistant to hoarding help.

Those who hoard compulsively may fill up their entire houses, yards, and storage spaces with items, making the spaces unsafe and unlivable. In order to get your loved one effective help for hoarding, you should consult with a psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist.

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