What Is Hepatitis C?

Biohazard cleanup in Orlando is a necessary service when it comes to crime scenes, bloodstains, and other situations where diseases can potentially be transmitted. One particularly infectious disease that can be spread through blood is Hepatitis C. Watch this video to find out what exactly Hepatitis C is.

Hepatitis C is an incredibly dangerous infection that may lead to chronic liver disease. It is particularly dangerous because symptoms often do not develop until the disease has progressed to a substantial degree. Not only does this prevent sufferers from seeking treatment quickly; it also facilitates the spread of the infection by people who do not know that they have it. When symptoms do occur, they typically start with pain in the abdomen and fatigue. Hepatitis C spreads by blood-to-blood contact, which often occurs through the sharing of intravenous needles and blood transfusions. A blood test is the only way to diagnose Hepatitis C.