What Happens During Crime Scene Cleanup

Expert Crime Scene Clean-up service in Orlando

Many people falsely assume that police officers or CSI specialists are responsible for cleaning up a crime scene. Instead, because of the level of training and protection required to conduct crime scene cleanup, specialized companies are called in for these tasks. To find out what happens during a crime scene cleanup in Orlando , read this article. Expert Crime Scene Clean-up service in Orlando

Assess the Scene
It typically takes a biohazard cleanup crew one or two hours to respond to the scene, no matter which day of the year or time of day. Upon arriving at a crime scene, the first step for biohazard waste cleanup professionals is to identify what can be salvaged and what must be thrown away. For example, if the crime scene was in the bedroom, the bed linens and mattress must be quarantined and disposed of right away. Any valuables that can be cleaned will be, so the cleanup team will start cleaning them and moving them out of the way.

Carpet, Walls, and Floorboards
Biohazardous waste cannot be cleaned out of the carpet, so the cleanup team will cut it out, roll it up, and quarantine it so that it can be safely transported and disposed of as medical waste. The walls are scrubbed using an enzyme that breaks down the blood, making it easier to clean. The floorboards are scrubbed as well. Stains on the floorboard cannot be completely removed, so the cleanup team will clean them as best as possible and then paint a sealant on the top.

Deep Clean
Even if a crime scene is thoroughly cleaned to the point where it appears clean, there could still be microorganisms that can produce odors and even transmit an infectious disease. To prevent this, your biohazardous waste cleanup team will perform a deep cleaning procedure at the crime scene, using professional equipment and techniques that are designed to remove odors, stains, and pathogens. Crime scene cleanup professionals are so effective at cleaning biohazardous waste that you can be confident bacteria, mold, and bloodborne pathogens will not pose a threat.