What Happens At a Crime Scene

Crime Scene Cleanup Experts in Orlando

When investigators arrive at the scene of a crime, they need to follow a series of steps in order to make sure the scene is secure and eventually cleaned up. Time is of the essence, so they must begin their investigation immediately before cleaners arrive to take care of a crime scene cleanup near Orlando . Here are the steps that must be taken.

Establish the Boundaries of the Crime Scene Professional Crime Scene Cleanup in Orlando
Before investigators start digging around at the scene of a crime, they need to determine how large the crime scene actually is. In some cases, it may be a single room in a house. In others, it could be an entire section of a park. The crime scene extends beyond just where a dead body exists or where blood has been shed. The boundaries are important and will allow investigators to look at the big picture.

Investigate the Crime Scene Fully
Once the boundaries of the crime scene are clear, investigators can begin searching for clues as to what happened during the crime. This involves more than just dusting for a few fingerprints. They need to take a look at whatever evidence is present and consider all possibilities before moving on.

Document Everything at the Crime Scene
After investigators get the information they need from the crime scene, it’s almost time to call the cleaners in to clean everything up. Before this is done, investigators should make sure they have documented all the information they need. A crime scene cannot be put back together once crime scene cleanup has taken place, so investigators should go over everything to make sure they didn’t miss an important clue.

Clean and Sterilize the Crime Scene
The investigators are finally done with their work, and now it’s time for crime scene cleaners to come in and make everything look normal again. Any blood stains that are present will be scrubbed away, and death cleanup will be done to eliminate the crime scene for good.