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Crime Scene illusion

Before you begin searching for crime scene cleaning companies in Orlando, you should understand what professional cleaning services you will need. Most biohazard cleanup companies can provide blood stain removal, suicide clean-up, and trauma scene cleanup. Here is a look at the basics of crime scene cleanup services.

Qualifications for Biohazard Cleanup Companies

Crime scene cleaners are required to undergo extensive training and education to ensure that they know how to safely and properly clean up hazardous materials. Many cleaning companies require potential employees to undergo a psychological evaluation to make sure that they are emotionally equipped for the job. They must also receive a Hepatitis B vaccine and be in good health and physical condition. Biohazard cleanup companies must hold special permits from the state or county that allow them to transport and dispose of biohazardous waste. Many crime scene cleaners come from other medical fields, such as EMTs or emergency room nurses. They must also pay fees to properly dispose of medical waste and chemical waste by the proper and legal means.

Typical Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Most crime scene cleanup companies offer a variety of professional cleaning services that are tailored to different types of trauma scenes. In the event of a violent crime or suicide, they will provide blood cleanup and suicide cleanup services. They can also safely and completely remove other bodily fluids and forensic residue from a crime scene or trauma scene. They offer biohazard cleanup and can remove poisonous or hazardous chemicals and materials from the scene. Many provide accident and trauma scene cleanup regardless of whether death occurred on the scene. Some are also qualified to perform infectious disease clean-up, and others offer hoarding cleanup services.

Crime Scene Cleaner Equipment and Supplies

Crime scene cleaners need specialized, professional equipment and supplies to do their job safely, legally, and effectively. This includes protective gear, biohazard waste containers, traditional cleaning supplies, hospital grade and industrial strength cleaning supplies, an ozone machine or foggers, a steam-injection machine, a no-touch cleaning system, and a chemical treatment tank.

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