OSHA’s Biohazard Clean-Up Guidelines for Employers

If you’re an employer, it’s crucial that you’re aware of OSHA’s guidelines for biohazard cleanup in Orlando . If your business has been subjected to bodily fluids or medical waste, you must follow certain very specific procedures to ensure that the facility is cleaned completely and safely. Your employees, cleaning company, or janitorial service can remove blood stains, bodily fluids, and medical waste if they have the property certification and training from OSHA.

If they do not, you will need to hire a professional biohazard cleaning company. This cleaning company will be properly trained and certified according to OSHA’s biohazard cleanup guidelines. They will use high-tech equipment, techniques, and cleaning products to make sure that your facility is safe to use.

These biohazard cleaners will wear personal protective equipment to ensure that they do not become infected or injured by biohazardous materials. They are vaccinated against necessary illnesses, and can legally and safely remove and dispose of biohazardous and medical waste. They are also experts in the epidemiology, symptoms and transmission of bloodborne diseases.

OSHA’s Guidelines for Biohazard Cleanup in Orlando