How to Handle Crime Scene Cleanup [INFOGRAPHIC]

After a crime or trauma occurs, many people mistakenly believe that the police or first responders will handle the job of cleaning up. In reality, the police merely process crime scenes for evidence, while cleaning up is the responsibility of the property owner. Once the police investigation is complete, how can you return your property to its original condition? It’s not safe to handle crime scene cleaning on your own because of the risk of communicable diseases in biohazard waste. Likewise, you cannot dispose of biohazardous waste without a license. That is why you need to hire professional crime scene cleaning services. Find out how to hire a biohazard removal service in this infographic from Biohazard Response in Tampa . Most people are unsure of what to do next when they have experienced a trauma or crime in their homes, so help others deal with the issue of trauma scene cleanup by sharing this information.

Crime Scene Cleanup Infographic