How Crime Scenes are Processed and Cleaned

In the aftermath of a crime, the crime scene must be carefully processed and cleaned by a team of highly skilled professionals. Crime scene cleanup ensures that any forensic evidence is found and examined. In addition, crime scene cleaning is designed to restore the area to its original condition. A company offering death scene cleanup in Orlando can provide a full range of cleaning services in the event that you are faced with a crime scene. To learn more about the skills and tools required for the crime scene cleanup process, here is a quick look at how crime scenes are processed and cleaned.

Orlando Based Crime Scene Cleanup

Perform a Preliminary Walkthrough
The first step of crime scene processing is to perform a preliminary walkthrough. During the walkthrough, the lead investigator will pay attention to any forensic items that could potentially be used as evidence when solving the crime. In addition, the investigator will take note of all of the conditions of the crime scene, including the time of day, position of furniture, and the position of windows and doors.

Document and Process Evidence
Once the lead investigator has completed the initial walkthrough, the next step is to document and process evidence. When documenting evidence, a team of forensic specialists will use tools such as video cameras and scanners. Any physical evidence will be carefully handled and packaged so that it is properly preserved. Care is taken so that the evidence is not contaminated by outside sources.

Cleaning the Scene
Once the investigation team has collected all of their evidence, the final step is to begin cleaning up the scene. A biohazard cleanup company will use specialized tools and equipment to completely clean the area and restore it to its original condition. The expert technicians at a biohazard remediation company will have the knowledge and skills needed to safely clean and dispose of any dangerous materials.