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Man cleaning carpet

Small bloodstains can be removed from carpet quite easily, but spills more than 18 inches in diameter should be handled by specially-trained professionals. While uninfected blood is not a health threat, trauma scene clean-up professionals do not know the health status of the person from whom the blood originated. That’s why all biohazard clean-up technicians comply with OSHA’s universal precautions and treat all blood as if it were highly infectious.

When an Orlando blood clean-up professional attempts to remove blood from carpets, he or she must first create a barrier around the perimeter of the spill with an absorbent compound. A detergent and disinfectant will then be applied to the area to kill or deactivate the viable pathogen population. A high-powered extraction tool is then used to remove the blood, detergent, and disinfectant from the carpet. Once the blood is removed and properly stored in a hazardous waste container, the carpet is cleaned a second time to ensure a sanitary surface.

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