How Blood is Thoroughly Removed from Carpets

Blood Cleanup Services in Orlando

Small blood stains can be removed from carpet quite easily, but spills more than 18 inches in diameter should be handled by specially-trained professionals. While uninfected blood is not a health threat, trauma scene clean-up professionals do not know the health status of the person from whom the blood originated. That’s why all biohazard clean-up technicians comply with OSHA’s universal precautions and treat all blood as if it were highly infectious.

When an Orlando blood clean-up professional attempts to remove blood from carpets, he or she must first create a barrier around the perimeter of the spill with an absorbent compound. A detergent and disinfectant will then be applied to the area to kill or deactivate the viable pathogen population. A high-powered extraction tool is then used to remove the blood, detergent, and disinfectant from the carpet. Once the blood is removed and properly stored in a hazardous waste container, the carpet is cleaned a second time ensure a sanitary surface.

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