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A Crime Happens at Home

Experiencing a crime at home is distressing to adults, but for children, it can be particularly traumatic. By taking the right steps in the aftermath of the crime, you can help your kids regain their sense of security. When dealing with crime aftermath in Orlando, follow this advice to support your children as they recover from the trauma.

Clean Up the Scene

Contrary to what many people believe, the police and emergency responders do not clean up crime scenes. In reality, after they have processed the scene and removed all of the evidence, you will be left to return your home to normal. When it is time to clean up, call professional crime scene cleaners for the job. Not only can blood and other waste at a crime scene be hazardous to you and your family, but the cleaning process itself could also be emotionally overwhelming. Allow a team of crime scene cleanup professionals to restore your home to its original state so you and your family can begin to put the experience behind you.

Get Back to Your Routine

As disruptive as being a victim of a crime is, seeing your family dwell on the experience will only make your children feel less secure. As soon as you can, get back to your normal lives, from school runs and work to afterschool activities and weekend fun. Your kids will take comfort in seeing life go on and will see the crime as an aberration rather than a risk they need to continue to worry about.

Make a Safety Plan

Kids may benefit from being proactive about making a family safety plan. Talk about improving your home security in a way that is age-appropriate by considering things like changing your locks, getting a security system, or getting a dog. It can also help to have kids picks a neighbor’s house as a safe place they can go to if they ever feel threatened when you’re not home. Some children may even wish to take a family self-defense class together so they feel empowered about protecting themselves.

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