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Crime Scene Cleanup Orlando

When you need crime scene cleanup services, choosing the right company is everything. During an already difficult time, the last thing you want to face is incompetent and unreliable cleaners. Furthermore, disreputable biohazard waste cleanup services can be dangerous. Trauma scenes are often rife with communicable diseases and other dangers that good crime scene cleanup crews are trained to handle. The wrong cleaning service could leave behind potential sources of infection that put your family at risk. As you search for crime scene cleanup in Orlando, keep these tips for finding a reputable company in mind.

Check for Permits

Florida is one of the few states that require crime scene cleanup companies to obtain permits. All biohazard removal services must get a Biomedical Waste Transporter Registration permit through the Department of Health. This permit indicates that the company adheres to state guidelines for removing, transporting, and disposing of biohazards. Companies awarded this permit must meet very strict standards, so you can feel confident that they have the training and experience to complete your job the right way.

Ask about Insurance

Any crime scene cleanup company that comes to your home should be fully insured in case they damage your property or one of their workers becomes injured at your house. If they aren’t insured, not only could you not be compensated for the damage, but you could be held liable for injuries that happen in your home.

Question Certifications

Cleaning up crime scenes can be a risky job, thanks to the potential for infection from bloodborne pathogens. When considering a cleaning company, find out if their employees have any certifications to prove they have the training to do their jobs safely and effectively. In addition to certification in dealing with bloodborne pathogens, ask about certification in trauma scene management, which further proves their ability to deliver safe and effective cleaning services.

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