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Women in stress

The death of a loved one is extremely difficult to deal with, especially when the cause of death is suicide. If you’re dealing with such an event’s aftermath near Orlando, it’s important to have a professional handle the process of suicide clean-up. In addition, there are some other things you should know about coping with the effects of suicide as a suicide survivor.

Experiencing Contradictory Feelings

As a suicide survivor, you may be feeling a lot of different things at once. This is normal, and it’s important to allow yourself to deal with the grieving process. Your feelings may include extreme guilt for not being around to prevent suicide or failure to help your loved one understand how much you care. You may also feel deep anger or resentment that your loved one chose to take his or her life. These contradictory feelings can be very confusing, but it is normal to experience them.

Dealing with the Death Scene

You’ll likely also have a strong desire to avoid the area where a suicide has taken place. If this area is located in your own home, it can be especially distressing and confusing to deal with the aftermath of the suicide. That’s why it’s important to call a cleaning company to perform blood cleanup, remove medical waste, and conduct other necessary tasks. Trying to handle all of this on your own can be too emotionally overwhelming, and even unsafe.

Combating Stigma

As a suicide survivor, you may feel that there is a stigma around the death of your loved one. It can be difficult to experience this stigma, and you may be hesitant to speak about suicide for fear that others will express judgment rather than empathy. That’s why it’s important to become part of a suicide survivor support group. Doing so will provide you with a safe place to express your feelings and get the support that you need.

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