Coping with Common Biohazards [INFOGRAPHIC]


Biohazards are any biological matter that represents a health risk, and they could be in your home. Some biohazards at home are relatively easy to deal with if you handle them properly. For instance, needles from injectable medications are biohazards, but they can be disposed of safely in a medically approved container. The real risks of biohazards in the home occur after a trauma, such as a crime or death, or in the case of hoarding. After a crime, professional blood cleanup is essential to prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens and for proper disposal. Because hoarders often hoard pets, large amounts of toxic animal waste may be present, making professional biohazard cleanup necessary. Visit this infographic from Biohazard Response to learn more. We provide trauma scene cleanup and hoarding help in Orlando and across Central Florida. Please spread the word about safe blood cleanup and help for hoarders by sharing this information.

Biohazard Removal in Orlando