Coping When Crime Invades Your Home: The Cleanup Process

Any kind of crime in your home may be hard to cope with; however, a crime that has left a messy cleanup may continue to traumatize you and your family. Thankfully, certain cleaning companies in Orlando have the necessary training to deal with a crime scene aftermath. These crime scene cleaners can help you cope with this trauma by cleaning it up and minimizing any lasting medical effects, such as blood-borne diseases. Let’s take a look at the crime scene cleanup process. Crime Scene Cleanup Process in Orlando

Contain the Scene

Crime scene cleaners will often hang up curtains of plastic to section off the crime scene from other areas of the house. This protects you from entering a potentially contaminated area, and it protects the rest of your house from becoming contaminated. By sectioning off the crime scene, the cleaners can better focus on restoring that specific area to its original look and function. By restoring this area quickly, you can better cope with the trauma that has just occurred.

Throw Out Unsalvageable Items

Depending on the crime committed, there are likely to be several items that may be unsalvageable. These items—such as carpeting, bedding, and knickknacks—may be contaminated with bodily fluids, chemicals, or other biohazardous materials. If these contaminated items are allowed to linger, you or your family may become infected with a blood-borne pathogen, like HIV or Hepatitis B. You may also experience other health problems, if the crime scene was related to drugs of any kind. It is necessary that the crime scene cleaners inspect and throw out objects as needed.

Clean the Surrounding Space

Once unsalvageable items have been identified and disposed, your cleaners can clean the surrounding space and items that are salvageable. This might include tiled flooring, jewelry, and other cleanable areas. It is necessary for trained crime scene cleaners to clean these areas. They have been trained in the handling of dangerous chemical and medical waste. Professional crime scene cleaners also have the necessary products to disinfect and clean various types of items and home décor.