• Can an App Help You Recovery from a Loved One’s Suicide?

    In the aftermath of a loved one’s suicide, you may be preoccupied with everything from finding cleaners in Orlando to dealing with funeral arrangements. All of these demands may leave little time for you to face your grief. With the Google app Mindfulness and Grief , you can carve out the time to be mindful about your feelings and cope with the grief you’re facing.

    With the app, you can do guided meditations and gentle yoga while receiving quotes that prompt you to process your feelings. By using the tools in the app, you can get a break from the suicide cleanup process and other demands so you remember to take care of yourself during this troubling time.


  • Steps to Take When You Lose a Loved One to Violence

    Losing a loved one to violence is a different experience than losing someone in another way. There are circumstances that accompany a violent death that are unique and that are difficult to anticipate until it happens to you. From trauma cleanup in Orlando to finding emotional support, here are steps you can take in the aftermath of a loved one’s violent death.

    Hire Crime Scene Cleaners lose loved one

    As soon as the crime scene has been processed by the police, hire crime scene cleaners to restore the place to normal. Crime scene cleaning can be dangerous for non-professionals because of the biohazard waste and the difficulty of thoroughly cleaning a scene without professional tools. Having the crime scene cleaned can also be a first step towards dealing with the issue. When the scene of the crime no longer shows any trace of what happened, you can begin to retake ownership of the space.

    Seek Support

    There are support groups for people who have lost loved ones to violence in most cities that can help you deal with the emotions you are feeling. It can be helpful to hear from other people who have experienced the same thing as you, and it can be comforting to see that other people have gone on with their lives in the wake of this kind of tragedy. The police may be able to refer you to a group, or consider talking to your doctor. Your crime scene cleaning company may also be able to offer advice, as they are accustomed to meeting families in these situations.

    Work with The Police

    After a loved one dies violently, there is a natural interest in knowing who committed the crime and why. If there was not a person immediately charged with the violence against your loved one, develop a positive relationship with the police who are working the case. You may have information that is useful to them, and hearing about the work they are doing can be comforting to you.

  • What Parents Need to Know About Teens and Suicide Symptoms

    When families are in need of trauma scene cleanup in Orlando after a suicide, they are left facing many questions, including what signs they may have missed. For parents, recognizing the symptoms of suicidal thoughts in teens can prevent them from having to face the aftermath of a tragic loss.

    Changes in behavior, including an increase is risky behavior, can indicate that a teen is struggling and could be contemplating suicide. In the aftermath, survivors often also report that the person seemed happier in the days before he or she committed suicide, usually because he or she had made a decision. Seek help if you think your teen could be thinking about suicide, and call a cleaning company to help your family recover in the aftermath of an in-home trauma such as a suicide attempt.