• How to Help a Hoarder

    Contacting a cleaning business to schedule bioclean services for the home of a friend who is a hoarder can help get the place clean but is unlikely to address the root of the person’s hoarding problem. If you would like to hire hoarding cleaners near Orlando to restore your friend’s living space to a more suitable state, then read on for advice on how to help a hoarder.

    Understand the Why

    Taking some time to learn why it is that your friend is hoarding things in his home can put you in a better position to help him overcome this issue. Commonly, hoarders accumulate items that they believe might prove useful in the future or that they have attributed sentimental value to. There may be a variety of reasons, including these and others, which lead your friend to keep more stuff than is practical, so start by learning why he feels his belongings are worth keeping.

    Study the Problem

    After determining why your friend wants to keep all the items that he hoards in his home, a good step to take next is to educate yourself on the nature of hoarding. By becoming more familiar with the psychology of hoarding and what negative effects this habit can have on the life of hoarders, their family, and their friends, you may be better prepared to help him through this struggle.

    Make Several Attempts

    Once you feel ready to speak with your friend about his hoarding habit, the likelihood of him being open to the conversation from the start isn’t significant. For this reason, avoid setting your expectations too high and be prepared to broach the topic compassionately and repeatedly.

    Offer Ongoing Support

    Patience will probably prove valuable as you endeavor to help your hoarding friend. Do not expect the problem to resolve itself quickly and be prepared to lend your friend support and encouragement throughout his recovery process. When he is ready and has agreed to it, only then should you help him schedule hoarding cleanup services for his home.

  • Hope After Hoarding: How Families Can Move Forward

    Hoarding is a clinically recognized, treatable mental health disorder. Much like substance abuse, it affects the entire family—not just the hoarder. Families of hoarders, especially children of hoarders, are more likely to be socially maladjusted, to suffer acute injuries and chronic health problems, and to experience severe familial strain. When it’s time to intervene in hoarding behaviors, calling in bio-clean experts is actually not the first step you should take. Biohazard specialists in Orlando will take care of the home, but first, your loved one needs psychological care.

    hoarding - clean - up

    Avoiding Hoarding-Related Mistakes

    One of the biggest mistakes families of hoarders make is trying to clear out all of the clutter all at once, without the permission of the hoarder. This causes severe emotional distress, won’t treat the mental health disorder, and will damage family relationships. Another common mistake is inadvertently enabling hoarding behavior. Don’t offer to store some items at your home or help move items to a storage unit—it will only worsen the problem. Don’t invite the hoarder to shop with you, and don’t buy tangible items for birthdays and holidays. Instead, give experiences, like restaurant gift cards (not gift cards to retail stores) or a gift certificate for a pedicure.

    Getting Help for Hoarding

    It isn’t possible to force someone to see a mental health counselor. However, you can visit one yourself. Discuss the problem and ask for solutions. The hoarder may be willing to briefly meet with the counselor outside the home, but it can take a while to build a trusting relationship between the counselor and the hoarder.

    Starting the Cleaning Process

    The homes of longtime hoarders are typically health hazards. Don’t try to clean it yourself, as you can be exposed to the following:

    • Toxic mold
    • Animal waste
    • Rodent/cockroach infestations
    • Structurally unsafe floors
    • Trip and fall injuries

    Instead, hire a biohazard cleaning company that can get the job done safely. Depending on your loved one’s progress with the treatment, you might need to have the cleaners work on just one room at a time. One massive clean-out might be too much emotional distress for your loved one to handle. Ask the mental health specialist for guidance on the best way to schedule the cleanup to minimize stress for your loved one.

  • Can an App Help You Recovery from a Loved One’s Suicide?

    In the aftermath of a loved one’s suicide, you may be preoccupied with everything from finding cleaners in Orlando to dealing with funeral arrangements. All of these demands may leave little time for you to face your grief. With the Google app Mindfulness and Grief , you can carve out the time to be mindful about your feelings and cope with the grief you’re facing.

    With the app, you can do guided meditations and gentle yoga while receiving quotes that prompt you to process your feelings. By using the tools in the app, you can get a break from the suicide cleanup process and other demands so you remember to take care of yourself during this troubling time.


  • Benefits of Professional Hoarding Cleanup Services

    When you discover a hoarding situation at the home of a friend or a loved one, it is important to rely on professional help. In the aftermath of a hoarding scenario, a home may be filled with hazardous waste and other materials that require specialized cleaning services. With help from a company that offers bio clean near Orlando , you will be able to safely remove the hoarding materials and start the restoration process. To highlight the benefits of working with a cleaning company, here is a look at the top reasons to hire a cleaning business to help you with hoarding cleanup. hoarder - cleanup

    Ensure Safe Removal of Items

    One of the hallmarks of a hoarder is that he or she will collect excessive amounts of items, including newspapers, found objects, or even trash. As these materials start to pile up in the home, they can create a serious safety hazard and a welcome home for various pests. Rather than attempting to clear out heavy piles of objects and navigate a crowded maze of hoarding materials on your own, it is a much safer idea to hire a team of professional cleaners.

    Avoid Contact with Hazardous Materials

    Hoarder houses can become breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, and other unsafe pathogens. Due to the cramped nature of many hording spaces, these areas may also become breeding grounds for rats and mice. During a hoarding cleanup, your cleaners will wear masks, gloves, and protective equipment over their bodies. Trusting your hoarding cleanup to the professionals will help you avoid coming into contact with dangerous waste.

    Perform Complete and Thorough Cleaning

    With services from a professional cleaning company, you will be able to restore a hoarder house to nearly pristine condition. Your cleaners will take care of the many steps of cleaning up hoarding materials. Along with removing excess amounts of materials and trash from the home, your cleaners will also wipe down all surfaces and make sure that the house provides a safe living environment for all of its occupants. If you are concerned about a loved one’s hoarding behaviors, do not hesitate to contact a team of professional cleaners for help.

  • How Do People Become Hoarders?

    Hoarding is more than the act of collecting various keepsake items or maintaining a cluttered household. It is recognized as a serious mental disorder, so it should be treated with care. In this video, you will learn all about the common symptoms of hoarders. When a person collects massive amounts of stuff, refuses to throw items away, and cannot keep their things organized, he or she may be categorized as a hoarder. If you have started to notice that your loved one is exhibiting hoarding behaviors, you may want to hire cleaners near Orlando to help you remove the clutter.

    A bio clean company can provide you with the cleaning services that you need to deal with the aftermath of a hoarding situation. When you hire a reputable cleaning company, you can rest assured that your hoarding cleanup procedure will be accomplished in a timely and professional manner.

  • What Happens If You Don’t Have Blood Cleaned Up?

    As any homeowner knows, you should always clean up a spill as soon as you notice it in any circumstance. Whether you spill a glass of red wine onto your white carpet or you simply drop a dab of sauce on your countertop, you’ll want to take care of it right away. When it comes to blood cleanup in Orlando, on the other hand, the level of importance is elevated. Removing blood stains promptly will increase the chances of getting them out of your fabric or flooring, but there are other reasons to clean up quickly as well. Keep reading to see what happens if you don’t have blood cleaned up.

    Blood is a biohazard in that it can transmit diseases to those who come into contact with it. The longer you leave blood without cleaning it up, the more likely you or a family member will eventually contact the blood and pick something up. In the event that blood is left after a major trauma or even casualty, there are psychological reasons you should have the blood cleaned up. The blood that remains after a crime scene—even if it’s just a small stain—can serve as a painful reminder of a traumatic event.

    blood - stains

  • How Hoarding Impacts Fire Dangers

    According to the National Fire Protection Association , thousands of people die in house fires throughout the United States every year. In normal fire conditions, performing the duties of a firefighter is hard enough. But when hoarding hazards in your Orlando home are present, fighting fires and savings lives can be exponentially more dangerous.

    This video from WCMH News discusses the immense fire risk posed by extreme hoarding. If your home, or the home of a loved one, in the Orlando area is affected by hoarding, call a local hazard clean up service to reduce the risk of fire and improve your overall safety and security.

  • What to Understand About Hoarding Behaviors

    If you have a loved one is in need of hoarding help near Orlando , it’s important that you have a basic understanding of hoarding behaviors. Before hiring a professional cleaning service for hoarding cleanup services, your loved one will have to be ready and willing to accept help for hoarding. The DSM-V, or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, recognizes hoarding disorder as a clinical mental disorder. The DSM-V is the American Psychiatric Association’s primary diagnostic and classification tool.

    Hoarding is different from simply being a packrat or holding on to sentimental items. Compulsive hoarding is characterized by an extreme, disruptive, and pervasive anxiety surrounding the disposal of possessions, regardless of what value the possessions have to others. Those who suffer from a hoarding disorder will experience emotional, social, physical, financial, and legal problems as a result of their hoarding, yet they are still often extremely resistant to hoarding help.

    Those who hoard compulsively may fill up their entire houses, yards, and storage spaces with items, making the spaces unsafe and unlivable. In order to get your loved one effective help for hoarding, you should consult with a psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist.


  • Spotting the Signs of Hoarding

    Hoarders in Orlando might not seem like they have a problem at first, but disaster can occur once their habits take over. This is why it is important to understand the signs early on so you can find hoarding help for your family member or loved one. Recognizing these signs can help you curb the problem before it elevates to the point where a biohazard cleanup team is required to address the situation. Feel free to continue reading if you would like help in spotting the signs of hoarding.

    The earlier you recognize the signs of hoarding, the sooner you can get yourself or your loved one back on the right track. You can start by recognizing the differences between hoarding and collecting. Those who collect certain items like stamps, trading cards, or even automobiles, might spend a great deal of money feeding their habits. However, the important distinction is the change in quality of life. If your loved one is “collecting” newspapers, broken appliances, or other items that no longer have value, he or she might be showing a symptom of hoarding. Hoarders might lose space in their homes, stress about their possessions, or even be exposed to health hazards.


  • Helping a Loved One Who Is Hoarding

    If you have a hoarder in your family and their hoarding has gotten out of control, it might be time for you to step in and provide them with the assistance they need. You can get help for hoarders in Orlando and show them how to turn their lives around. Watch this video and learn more about what to say and do when it comes to hoarders.

    The one thing that you don’t want to do when trying to provide hoarding help is walking into their house and force them to get rid of all the clutter. This may serve as a good short-term solution, but hoarding will become a problem again. Instead, sit down and speak with them about their issues and then find a professional who can provide the right kind of therapeutic help for hoarders.