• Accident Scene Cleanup Services by Biohazard Response

    Coping with Death: Advice for Those Who Have Lost Someone

    When a loved one has died suddenly at an accident scene or the crime site in Orlando, you may feel as if your whole world has shattered. In the aftermath of a loss, some people feel as if they’re losing their grip on reality. Try not to judge yourself too harshly—grief is an incredibly challenging […]

  • Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Crime Scene Cleanups?

    Crime scene cleanup teams restore your home back to normal after a violent incident occurs on your property. They handle blood cleanup and deal with other biohazards so you can focus on recovering. One incorrect assumption people often have is that the police will arrange for and pay for crime scene cleanup, but hiring cleaners […]

  • Three Things You Need to Know When Your Home Is a Crime Scene

    In many cases there is no way to know that your home will turn into a crime scene, but this is all the more reason to be prepared if it happens. Keep in mind that the police do not clean a crime scene when they leave it, so you’ll need to hire a professional cleaning […]

  • Crime Scene Do not Cross

    What Are Some Potential Contaminants Found at Crime Scenes

    Following a crime scene, there are possible contaminants that can damage the health of humans, animals, and the surrounding space. If these contaminants are not cleaned up properly by professional crime scene cleaners, then they could pose a serious threat to anyone and anything that comes into contact with them. Continue reading to learn more […]

  • The Role of Professional Cleaning in Post-Crime Emotional Recovery

    Violent crimes are often associated with strong emotions, even long after the crime has been committed. Seeking professional crime scene cleanup is not only important for your physical health, but can also offer several benefits in terms of emotional recovery after a trauma or crime as well. When a crime scene is not properly cleaned, […]

  • Finding Help After a Homicide

    If you have recently been at a crime site in Orlando , you know that the experience of witnessing a homicide can continue to haunt you even after you leave the aftermath. If the victim was a loved one, you will likely undergo feelings of intense grief. It’s important to find help after a homicide […]