• Facts About Traumatic Amputations

    Get the Facts About Traumatic Amputations

    Some amputations are planned, such as when a patient with diabetes must lose a foot due to an incurable infection. Others happen suddenly and unintentionally, such as in an industrial, construction, or car accident. The aftermath of a serious accident is chaotic and messy. A survivor’s first priorities are to call 911, and apply direct […]

  • Mistakes to Avoid When Confronting a Hoarder

    Mistakes to Avoid When Confronting a Hoarder

    When someone you live with or care for is a hoarder, knowing how to address the subject and help resolve the problem can be tricky. If you’re planning to contact cleaners in Orlando to address a hoarding mess, then consider these tips when confronting the individual beforehand: First, realize that the hoarded items have great […]

  • crime scene near Orlando

    Ways You Can Support a Grieving Loved One

    It’s often difficult to know what to say when someone has lost a loved one—especially when the loss occurred suddenly at a crime scene near Orlando . In the immediate aftermath of an accident, suicide, or murder, some mourners feel a numbing sense of disbelief. When the reality of the situation becomes clear, your support […]

  • Cleaning Up Tear Gas

    Cleaning Up Tear Gas

    Tear gas is used by law enforcement professionals to apprehend criminals. If you are dealing with a crime scene clean up on your property, you may be at risk of coming into contact with tear gas. Exposure to tear gas can lead to serious health conditions, so you will want to make sure that you leave your […]

  • Has Your Home Been the Scene of a Crime?

    Coming home to find a crime scene is a traumatic experience for any homeowner. In the event that you discover a crime scene in your home, it is important to remain calm as you deal with the aftermath. A crime scene clean up company that offers blood cleanup in Orlando will be able to help […]

  • Coping When Crime Invades Your Home: The Cleanup Process

    Any kind of crime in your home may be hard to cope with; however, a crime that has left a messy cleanup may continue to traumatize you and your family. Thankfully, certain cleaning companies in Orlando have the necessary training to deal with a crime scene aftermath. These crime scene cleaners can help you cope […]

  • A Look at Different Types of Trauma Scenes

    A trauma scene can refer to one of many different violent or criminal injuries or deaths, and companies that provide trauma scene cleanup near Orlando are trained and equipped to deal with all scenarios. A trauma scene may contain blood, toxins, bodily fluids, forensic residue, and other biohazardous or chemical waste. Here is a look at the […]

  • What Is Considered Biohazardous Waste?

    Biohazard cleanup in Orlando is a necessary service in a handful of different kinds of situations, but what exactly determines whether or not these special cleaners are needed? They are often called in for blood cleaning or crime scene cleanup, but there are a few specific factors that make their presence necessary. Certain types of […]

  • Actions to Take If You Enter a Crime Scene

    Entering a crime scene unexpectedly can be a very scary experience, but you need to respond quickly for the sake of both justice and your health. From calling the police to calling cleaners to come in to take care of trauma scene cleanup near Orlando , you must take the right steps right away. Biohazard […]


    Coping with Common Biohazards [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Biohazards are any biological matter that represents a health risk, and they could be in your home. Some biohazards at home are relatively easy to deal with if you handle them properly. For instance, needles from injectable medications are biohazards, but they can be disposed of safely in a medically approved container. The real risks […]