• Examining the Science of HIV and AIDS

    If you are facing the aftermath of a crime in your home or if you need blood cleanup in Orlando , then you may benefit from understanding some of the dangers of bloodborne infectious diseases. Watch this video for an introduction to the science of one of these diseases, called HIV/AIDS.

    HIV/AIDS has claimed the lives of millions of people worldwide, and it is contracted when the virus enters the bloodstream. There, HIV targets helper T-cells, which play a critical role in the immune system. The HIV releases RNA strands into the helper T cells which eventually cause the cell to produce more copies of the virus. As HIV progresses into AIDs, the immune system is suppressed, and the infected individual becomes more susceptible to other diseases. In the end, individuals do not die from AIDS, but from illnesses that their immune system can no longer fend off.

  • Why Call Professionals for Unattended Death Cleanup

    When an unattended death occurs, the scene left behind is upsetting and dangerous. Rather than trying to restore the property to its original state on your own, it’s essential to call professional cleaners in Orlando to handle the job. Failing to do so could leave the property—and your health—in jeopardy.

    After an unattended death, biohazardous material from the deceased person can begin to affect property in just a few short hours. The longer the death goes undiscovered, the more contamination will occur. A professional cleaning company will have the right specialty cleaners and training to determine which property must be discarded and which can be salvaged by thorough cleaning. They know how to remove biohazardous waste safely and how to dispose of it in a way that is not dangerous for the community. Professional cleaners will also save you from the emotional impacts of cleaning up the scene of a loved one’s unattended death, so you can focus on healing.

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  • Mistakes to Avoid When Confronting a Hoarder

    When someone you live with or care for is a hoarder, knowing how to address the subject and help resolve the problem can be tricky. If you’re planning to contact cleaners in Orlando to address a hoarding mess, then consider these tips when confronting the individual beforehand:

    First, realize that the hoarded items have great value to the person. For this reason, instead of criticizing or arguing, try to politely convey the true value of the items and how keeping them may be affecting the hoarder’s quality of life. Next, consider the benefits of working with a therapist or hoarding expert, who may be able to help the individual address the cause of his hoarding behavior. You should also take care not to hire a cleaning company or attempt to deal with the mess yourself without the hoarder’s knowledge. Instead, begin the conversation outside of the home and express your concerns. When the individual is ready, he can enroll in therapy and work with professional cleaners to restore his home.

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  • Could You Have Been Exposed to Hepatitis B?

    Hepatitis B is a form of liver inflammation caused by a virus that starts out as an acute infection and that can lead to chronic illness. It is one of the biohazards that can be present in blood at crime scenes, which is why having a trained, professional cleaning company handle the removal of waste at such a scene is essential. When you try to clean up a crime scene in Orlando on your own, you risk exposing yourself to dangerous pathogens and may fail to completely sanitize the area, which leaves your family at risk. Hepatitis B exposure can happen in many different ways, including the following types of exposure. mop - hepatitis


    Hepatitis B can be transmitted via the blood of an infected person. If you come into direct contact with the infected blood, then you could contract hepatitis B. At a crime scene, improper cleaning techniques could leave you exposed to hepatitis B via the blood of the injured person. Crime scene cleanup professionals are trained to handle blood and other bodily fluids safely and to dispose of them properly so that they are not a risk to the public.

    Sexual Contact

    Having sex with a person who has hepatitis B can expose you to the virus. Hepatitis B is between 50 and 100 times more infectious than HIV , and about two-thirds of the cases of hepatitis B are the result of sexual contact. The virus can be present in both semen and vaginal fluids. You can reduce the risk of spreading or contracting the virus by using a condom.

    Shared Needles

    Sharing needles with an infected person can also expose you to hepatitis B. This can include drug paraphernalia as well as medical injection devices and blood glucose testing equipment for people with diabetes. In the healthcare profession, getting stuck with a used needle could lead to you contracting the disease.

  • What to Do If You Need Emergency Biohazard Cleanup

    When you arrive home to the aftermath of a disaster, you will want to make sure that you keep yourself and your loved ones safe until help can arrive. Rather than attempting to perform crime scene clean up on your own, you should always call a professional cleaning company near Orlando . Your bio clean professionals will have access to the protective equipment and cleaning tools that are needed to remove blood, bodily fluids, and other hazardous materials. To help you prepare for the unexpected, let’s review some actions to take if you need emergency biohazard cleanup. crime - scene

    Ensure the Safety of Everyone at the Scene

    The first action that you will want to take is to make sure that everyone who is present at the scene is safe and protected from harm. Blood and other fluids can pose a serious health and safety threat to any person who is not wearing personal protective equipment. It may be necessary to evacuate the home or building while you wait for help to arrive.

    Call Emergency Services

    In order to ensure that your biohazard incident is cleaned up as swiftly as possible, you will want to schedule emergency cleaning services as soon as you can after the incident. Once the scene has been documented and assessed by police and other emergency personnel, your biohazard cleanup crew can get to work. Your team will use proven methods to eliminate every trace of hazardous contaminants from your property.

    Avoid Touching or Moving Materials

    While you wait for the clean up team to arrive, it is very important to stay away from the area that has been contaminated by the biohazard. A company that specializes in 24 hour emergency biohazard cleanup services will provide you with rapid response times, so you will not be left waiting for your cleaning crew. By leaving the clean up to the professionals, you will avoid coming into direct contact with dangerous waste. Your cleanup company can also ensure that your property and belongings are fully restored after the incident.

  • How Do People Become Hoarders?

    Hoarding is more than the act of collecting various keepsake items or maintaining a cluttered household. It is recognized as a serious mental disorder, so it should be treated with care. In this video, you will learn all about the common symptoms of hoarders. When a person collects massive amounts of stuff, refuses to throw items away, and cannot keep their things organized, he or she may be categorized as a hoarder. If you have started to notice that your loved one is exhibiting hoarding behaviors, you may want to hire cleaners near Orlando to help you remove the clutter.

    A bio clean company can provide you with the cleaning services that you need to deal with the aftermath of a hoarding situation. When you hire a reputable cleaning company, you can rest assured that your hoarding cleanup procedure will be accomplished in a timely and professional manner.

  • Steps to Take When You Lose a Loved One to Violence

    Losing a loved one to violence is a different experience than losing someone in another way. There are circumstances that accompany a violent death that are unique and that are difficult to anticipate until it happens to you. From trauma cleanup in Orlando to finding emotional support, here are steps you can take in the aftermath of a loved one’s violent death.

    Hire Crime Scene Cleaners lose loved one

    As soon as the crime scene has been processed by the police, hire crime scene cleaners to restore the place to normal. Crime scene cleaning can be dangerous for non-professionals because of the biohazard waste and the difficulty of thoroughly cleaning a scene without professional tools. Having the crime scene cleaned can also be a first step towards dealing with the issue. When the scene of the crime no longer shows any trace of what happened, you can begin to retake ownership of the space.

    Seek Support

    There are support groups for people who have lost loved ones to violence in most cities that can help you deal with the emotions you are feeling. It can be helpful to hear from other people who have experienced the same thing as you, and it can be comforting to see that other people have gone on with their lives in the wake of this kind of tragedy. The police may be able to refer you to a group, or consider talking to your doctor. Your crime scene cleaning company may also be able to offer advice, as they are accustomed to meeting families in these situations.

    Work with The Police

    After a loved one dies violently, there is a natural interest in knowing who committed the crime and why. If there was not a person immediately charged with the violence against your loved one, develop a positive relationship with the police who are working the case. You may have information that is useful to them, and hearing about the work they are doing can be comforting to you.

  • What to Do if You Are a Victim of a Crime in Your Home

    Crime can strike at any time in major cities. Unfortunately, crime may strike even within your Orlando-area home, leaving you traumatized, injured, and in need of immediate attention. If you find that your home has turned into another Orlando crime scene , follow these steps to protect yourself and your home.

    Call 911 Crime
    Do not delay in calling law enforcement to your home to begin an investigation. The sooner you call, the better preserved the crime scene will be. This can help to aid the investigation by preventing evidence from getting contaminated or lost in the aftermath of a crime.

    Contact a Crime Scene Cleanup Service
    After the crime scene has been cleared for re-entry by law enforcement, you may need to contact a crime scene clean up service. These businesses specialize in fully recovering homes after investigations into a crime are complete. Common contaminants that require professional clean up include blood stains, bodily fluids, medical waste, and forensic residue.

    Talk to Someone You Trust
    In the hustle of answering questions, finding a place to stay, and checking in with loved ones, it can sometimes be difficult to remember to care for your own wellbeing . Talk to someone you trust about what you’re going through—this can be a friend, a family member, a partner, or a counselor. It’s important to allow the grieving process to happen, even if it may be painful or uncomfortable, so that you can move on.

    Take Care of Your Body
    In addition to some of the mental and emotional stress you may be experiencing, your body is likely also suffering from physical stress that can be equally damaging. Remember to eat healthy meals, drink lots of water, and rest. The better your body feels, the better you’ll be able to address the trauma of the crime you’ve experienced. You’ll also be better prepared to identify and utilize healthy coping mechanisms to encourage a quicker recovery.

  • Why Fast Clean-Up After a Trauma Is Crucial

    In the aftermath of a violent crime, accident, or some other traumatic event in Orlando, professional biohazard clean up services can be the difference between staying healthy and contracting dangerous illnesses and pathogens. That’s because crime scenes in Orlando can be contaminated with all kinds of dangerous materials associated with crime and traumatic events.

    Blood cleanup services are particularly important because of the wide range of blood borne diseases you might be at risk of. Diseases like HIV and hepatitis can be present in blood and other bodily fluids left behind after an accident or violent crime. The sooner a professional can remove these fluids, the quicker your risk of contracting these diseases decreases. Trauma Clean-Up

    Professional biohazard cleanup services are also helpful in eliminating signs of traumatic events like a murder or suicide. They can also help to remove forensic materials and residues that may be left behind during a law enforcement investigation. These cleanup services are essential to beginning the recovery process so you can continue to live a productive, happy, and healthy life.

  • OSHA’s Biohazard Clean-Up Guidelines for Employers

    If you’re an employer, it’s crucial that you’re aware of OSHA’s guidelines for biohazard cleanup in Orlando . If your business has been subjected to bodily fluids or medical waste, you must follow certain very specific procedures to ensure that the facility is cleaned completely and safely. Your employees, cleaning company, or janitorial service can remove blood stains, bodily fluids, and medical waste if they have the property certification and training from OSHA.

    If they do not, you will need to hire a professional biohazard cleaning company. This cleaning company will be properly trained and certified according to OSHA’s biohazard cleanup guidelines. They will use high-tech equipment, techniques, and cleaning products to make sure that your facility is safe to use.

    These biohazard cleaners will wear personal protective equipment to ensure that they do not become infected or injured by biohazardous materials. They are vaccinated against necessary illnesses, and can legally and safely remove and dispose of biohazardous and medical waste. They are also experts in the epidemiology, symptoms and transmission of bloodborne diseases.

    Biohazard Clean-Up Guidelines