• Get the Facts About Traumatic Amputations

    Some amputations are planned, such as when a patient with diabetes must lose a foot due to an incurable infection. Others happen suddenly and unintentionally, such as in an industrial, construction, or car accident. The aftermath of a serious accident is chaotic and messy. A survivor’s first priorities are to call 911, and apply direct pressure to the wound. The trauma scene cleanup professionals in Orlando can sanitize the site, but the paramedics will take the amputated body part to the hospital. It might be possible for it to be reattached.

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    What to Do with a Severed Body Part

    Severed digits and limbs may be rinsed with clean water if available, but should not be scrubbed. The body part should be wrapped in sterile gauze or the cleanest cloth available at the accident scene or crime site. It should then be placed into a sealable plastic bag or other waterproof container, and then placed on ice. Do not allow the amputated body part to come into direct contact with ice, and do not cover it with ice.

    When Replantation Is Possible

    A body part’s ischemia tolerance is the length of time it may still be viable despite lacking blood circulation. The ischemia tolerance of digits is about eight hours, and for limbs, it’s four to six hours. However, replantation should be attempted as soon as possible if the patient is a good candidate for it. Trauma surgeons are more likely to attempt replantation if any of the following criteria apply:

    • The amputation was a clean cut, rather than a crush injury
    • The body part was well-preserved
    • The loss of the body part will result in significant disability
    • The patient is otherwise in reasonable health, and can comply with recovery requirements
    • The patient is a child
    • The limb is an arm, rather than a leg

    In almost every case, surgeons will attempt replantation on a child, even if success isn’t likely. Surgeons are more likely to attempt to replant thumbs, rather than fingers, because prosthetic thumbs are relatively inadequate. Replantation is more likely with an upper body part, as prosthetics for feet and legs often provide better function than a replanted foot or leg.

    How Replantation Is Attempted

    When an accident survivor is a good candidate for a replantation attempt , the surgical team will begin by examining X-rays to plan the operation, administering antibiotics and a tetanus vaccine, and scrutinizing the integrity of the severed blood vessels. Then, the surgeon will reattach the following, in order: bones, tendons, nerves, arteries, and veins.

  • Answering Common Questions About Handling a Death by Suicide

    When a loved one has committed suicide, you may feel as though your whole world has shattered. It’s normal to experience a broad range of emotions, and some of these may even contradict each other. It’s important to care for your emotional health during this difficult time. When practical matters need to be handled, such as the suicide cleanup in the home, let the professionals take care of it. Biohazard cleaning companies in Orlando can straighten out your home while you focus on your emotional needs. suicide - grief

    What should I do after finding my loved one?

    The shock of finding your loved one’s body can be overwhelming, but there are a couple of steps you should take right away. If you are not certain whether your loved one is dead and you feel capable of doing so, you can check for a pulse. Otherwise, you shouldn’t touch anything or move anything. Step outside the home and call the local police department or 911.

    Will I be asked to identify the body?

    If you identified the body at the scene, you won’t have to do so again at the morgue. If you didn’t find the body and you’re the immediate next of kin, you may be asked to identify the body. You may have the choice of identifying the body in person or with photographs. If you can’t bear to fulfill this responsibility, you can ask another family member to do it for you.

    How should I deal with the house?

    You shouldn’t attempt to clean the house yourself. Not only is this emotionally difficult, but it may be a biohazard. Instead, make arrangements with a suicide cleanup service. If possible, stay with other family members or close friends until the cleaning company is finished.

    How do I write an appropriate obituary?

    It’s entirely your choice whether to include the cause of death in an obituary. Some people prefer to avoid the subject entirely, while others prefer to speak frankly about it. There is no right or wrong choice. One common reason for including this information in the obituary is to try to prevent uncomfortable questions. You also have the option of subtly including this information without stating that the cause of death was suicide. The obituary might request donations to a suicide prevention charity in lieu of flowers, for example.

  • How You Can Support a Victim of Violence

    Even after having a cleaning company in Orlando perform crime scene cleanup and blood stain removal, the emotional trauma of a violent crime can remain. If you have a friend or loved one who is dealing with the aftermath of violence, then it’s important to realize that nothing prepares people for crimes like domestic violence, sexual assault, and homicide. The following are a few ways in which you can support someone who is a victim of violence: victim - support

    Avoid saying things that aren’t helpful.

    When trying to support a victim of violence, it can be easy to unknowingly say something that is hurtful or unhelpful to the individual. First, don’t argue with his account of the crime or judge him regarding what happened and why. Also, it can be easier to avoid saying the wrong thing by avoiding any questions that you have which begin with the word “why.” Don’t tell the victim how you think you would have handled the situation differently. Finally, don’t ask for details, rush them through the healing process, or suggest how the person could have avoided the crime.

    Offer the victim understanding and sympathy.

    Recognize that the victim will cope with trauma and grief in his own way, and express to him your sympathy about what has occurred. Be prepared to listen in silence and with patience as the victim works through his emotions, and encourage the expression of grief and sorrow.

    Know what to expect from a victim of violence.

    A victim of violence and his family and friends will each experience a crisis reaction, and the levels of these reactions can vary from person to person. Also, it’s important to realize that the ways in which the victim and his family are treated immediately after the crime can have a significant impact on how they will recover and cope. Finally, understand that remaining as a presence in your friend or loved one’s life, no matter how long it takes for him to heal, can be critical in supporting a victim of violence.

  • What to Look for When Choosing a Biohazard Cleanup Company

    When you are dealing with the aftermath of a hazardous situation on your property, you will want to hire a bio clean company to assist you. By trusting your crime scene cleanup to a team of experienced cleaners, you can ensure that your job is accomplished in a timely and professional manner. A cleaning company that offers bio cleanup services near Orlando will be able to respond to your job very quickly after the initial incident has occurred. To help you select the right cleaning company for your job, here is a look at what to look for when choosing your biohazard cleanup team. biohazard - response

    Experience and Licensing

    In order to find a biohazard cleanup company that will provide you with professional and effective services, you will want to ask your potential cleaners to tell you about their credentials and length of experience in the industry. Ideally, your cleaners will have worked in bio cleanup for many years. The proper licenses are required to insure that they have all of the credentials that they need to legally perform bio cleanup services.

    Reviews from Past Clients

    When you are looking for a biohazard cleanup company in your area, you may also want to check out the company’s reviews. A cleanup team that offers top quality biohazard cleaning will have great reviews from other customers in the local area. Your reputable cleanup professionals may also be able to provide you with a list of references to call before you schedule your cleanup appointment.

    Ability to Handle Paperwork

    There is typically a significant amount of paperwork involved during the biohazard cleanup process. Your cleaners should be able to handle most of this paperwork on your behalf. For example, you will want to ask your cleaners whether they can work with your insurance company to file a cleanup claim. Your cleaners should also be able to provide you with documentation that proves that the biohazard materials have been properly and safely eliminated.

  • Cleaning Up Tear Gas

    Tear gas is used by law enforcement professionals to apprehend criminals. If you are dealing with crime scene clean up on your property, you may be at risk of coming into contact with tear gas. Exposure to tear gas can lead to serious health conditions, so you will want to make sure that you leave your crime scene clean up to the professionals. A team of crime scene cleaners near Orlando can make sure that tear gas is thoroughly and safely removed from your property.

    There are several important factors that need to be consider when a crew of crime scene cleaners are working in an area that has been affected by tear gas. When cleaning the crime scene, the crew will need to make sure that any areas that are contaminated with tear gas are sealed off from non-contaminated areas. If tear gas has been sprayed on porous materials, these items will need to be thrown away. Throughout the cleanup process, your cleaners will wear protective gear so that they do not come into direct contact with tear gas residue.

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  • What to Do If You Need Emergency Biohazard Cleanup

    When you arrive home to the aftermath of a disaster, you will want to make sure that you keep yourself and your loved ones safe until help can arrive. Rather than attempting to perform crime scene clean up on your own, you should always call a professional cleaning company near Orlando . Your bio clean professionals will have access to the protective equipment and cleaning tools that are needed to remove blood, bodily fluids, and other hazardous materials. To help you prepare for the unexpected, let’s review some actions to take if you need emergency biohazard cleanup. crime - scene

    Ensure the Safety of Everyone at the Scene

    The first action that you will want to take is to make sure that everyone who is present at the scene is safe and protected from harm. Blood and other fluids can pose a serious health and safety threat to any person who is not wearing personal protective equipment. It may be necessary to evacuate the home or building while you wait for help to arrive.

    Call Emergency Services

    In order to ensure that your biohazard incident is cleaned up as swiftly as possible, you will want to schedule emergency cleaning services as soon as you can after the incident. Once the scene has been documented and assessed by police and other emergency personnel, your biohazard cleanup crew can get to work. Your team will use proven methods to eliminate every trace of hazardous contaminants from your property.

    Avoid Touching or Moving Materials

    While you wait for the clean up team to arrive, it is very important to stay away from the area that has been contaminated by the biohazard. A company that specializes in 24 hour emergency biohazard cleanup services will provide you with rapid response times, so you will not be left waiting for your cleaning crew. By leaving the clean up to the professionals, you will avoid coming into direct contact with dangerous waste. Your cleanup company can also ensure that your property and belongings are fully restored after the incident.

  • What to Do About the Warning Signs of Suicide

    In the aftermath of a suicide, one of the last things family members want to think about is calling a crime scene cleaner about suicide cleanup . To help avoid the need for biohazard cleaners near Orlando, it can help to recognize the warning signs of suicide and to know what to do when you spot them.

    Watch this video to learn what to do about the warning signs of suicide. Experts say that most people who commit suicide are suffering from depression, and some of the most common indicators of depression include changes in someone’s eating patterns, sleep patterns, and reactions to his or her surroundings. Reaching out to the person about mental health services and providing a number for a suicide prevention hotline are 2 things that you can do if you spot depression warning signs.

  • A Look at the Behavior of Hoarders

    Most people are aware that hoarding is not a normal activity, but where do you draw the line between being possessive and a hoarder? Hoarders exhibit a few specific behaviors , and understanding them can alert you to a problem and allow you to get help for your loved one. You might also need to find a cleaning company near Orlando that specializes in hoarding. If your friend, family member, or neighbor has a tendency to hold onto items that should be thrown away, consider keeping an eye out. If you also notice symptoms of anxiety, obsession, or compulsion, it might be time to act. Read on for a look at the behavior of hoarders. hoarding - disease

    Accruing Extreme Collections

    Having a collection or two is normal, whether you collect old trading cards or souvenirs from around the world. Keeping everything that comes through your door, on the other hand, is not normal or healthy. Hoarders typically refuse to let things go, even items that most people would agree have no value to anyone. When this clutter accrues over time, it can affect the dynamic of the home, and it may become a fire hazard or even a biohazard. If you can’t even access some of the rooms in your home because of clutter, it’s time to call the cleaning company.

    Exhibiting Symptoms of Anxiety

    Hoarding is a mental issue, which is why many people have trouble understanding it. Someone who hoards may also exhibit other symptoms of anxiety. Consider the way your loved one responds to you when you talk about getting rid of some of the waste. Does he or she respond with irritability, nervousness, or suspicion? These are all symptoms that are related to anxiety and may be displayed in other situations as well.

    Displaying Obsessive and Compulsive Tendencies

    If you have ever watched a cleaning company clear out a hoarder’s house, you may have noticed some of the obsessive and compulsive tendencies at play. The clutter that hoarders collect may in some way represent an inner conflict or something the person lost, which turns into an obsessive and compulsive collection of waste.

  • What Parents Need to Know About Teens and Suicide Symptoms

    When families are in need of trauma scene cleanup in Orlando after a suicide, they are left facing many questions, including what signs they may have missed. For parents, recognizing the symptoms of suicidal thoughts in teens can prevent them from having to face the aftermath of a tragic loss.

    Changes in behavior, including an increase is risky behavior, can indicate that a teen is struggling and could be contemplating suicide. In the aftermath, survivors often also report that the person seemed happier in the days before he or she committed suicide, usually because he or she had made a decision. Seek help if you think your teen could be thinking about suicide, and call a cleaning company to help your family recover in the aftermath of an in-home trauma such as a suicide attempt.

  • Why Fast Clean-Up After a Trauma Is Crucial

    In the aftermath of a violent crime, accident, or some other traumatic event in Orlando, professional biohazard clean up services can be the difference between staying healthy and contracting dangerous illnesses and pathogens. That’s because crime scenes in Orlando can be contaminated with all kinds of dangerous materials associated with crime and traumatic events.

    Blood cleanup services are particularly important because of the wide range of blood borne diseases you might be at risk of. Diseases like HIV and hepatitis can be present in blood and other bodily fluids left behind after an accident or violent crime. The sooner a professional can remove these fluids, the quicker your risk of contracting these diseases decreases. Trauma Clean-Up

    Professional biohazard cleanup services are also helpful in eliminating signs of traumatic events like a murder or suicide. They can also help to remove forensic materials and residues that may be left behind during a law enforcement investigation. These cleanup services are essential to beginning the recovery process so you can continue to live a productive, happy, and healthy life.