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Blood cleaning serving Tampa is a serious matter, and not just because of the implications of the situation. Human blood may contain pathogens that can spread to healthy individuals and spread disease; this is why such biohazard removal should be left to professionals. Watch this video for a look at one type of bloodborne pathogen: hepatitis B.

Like other bloodborne pathogens, hepatitis B can be spread from one individual to the next in several ways including unclean needles, unprotected sex, and amniotic fluid in the womb. Many individuals overcome hepatitis B, but those who are younger when they are exposed may experience chronic hepatitis B. If your body cannot fight the disease, it may progress into liver cancer and even death. Symptoms are frequently not experienced, but they typically resemble symptoms of the flu: fatigue, vomiting, fever, and lack of appetite. You can find out if you have hepatitis B via a blood test.

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