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Like any biohazardous fluid, blood can transmit serious diseases and must be cleaned up by a professional with proper training and equipment. If you are looking for blood cleanup in Orlando, contact the experts at Biohazard Response. We use professional equipment to remove blood, disinfect the area, and ensure that stains and odors are eliminated. To learn more about some of the most effective biohazard waste cleanup procedures for blood, read on.

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Non-Carpeted Floors

Tile, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic, metal, wood, cement, and other non-absorbent flooring are the most common surfaces where blood cleanup takes place. After the area is blocked off and the cleaners suit up with the proper equipment, a bleach disinfectant solution with one part bleach and nine parts water should be applied to the contaminated areas. Let the bleach sit for 20 minutes and then remove it with cleaning materials, which must be disinfected in bleach and air-dried after the blood cleanup is finished.

Carpeted Floors

The absorbent nature of carpet makes blood cleanup difficult. Because decontamination products can damage or destroy carpet, it’s best to just tear out the carpet carefully and replace it with carpet tiles if the spill was large. Otherwise, the blood needs to be contained, removed, and disposed of carefully. Then a steam cleaner must be used to sanitize the carpet more thoroughly than simply washing it.


Wood and metal furniture is fairly easy to clean, but cloth furniture can be a challenge. First the covering must be removed and laundered, disinfected, and dried. Professionals should be contacted to clean severe spills, as it can be difficult to remove all of the pathogens without the right supplies.

Outdoor Spills

If blood was spilled outdoors, the area should be contained immediately. The area can usually be disinfected with bleach and rinsed with water. Blood spilled in a properly chlorinated swimming pool is disinfected immediately, but some swimming pool owners will close the pool for a short time to satisfy patrons.

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