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Hoarding cleanup

While holding onto sentimental items might be perfectly reasonable, hoarding is a completely different story. If you or someone you love might have a hoarding problem, it is wise to seek hoarding cleanup services in Tampa as soon as possible. Finding help for hoarders is the first step in addressing and correcting the problem and returning to normal life. Here is a look at the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about hoarding cleanup.

What is the hoarding cleanup process like?

Hoarding is a very unique issue, and the cleanup process depends on the specific situation. Some cases may be resolved in a day; more severe cases, on the other hand, may take several. Depending on how severe the hoarding is and how long it has been going on, it may be difficult to locate important papers and valuable belongings. Your hoarding cleanup service can remove the abundance of excess items from the site and restore function to you or your loved one’s home. Your specialists can also remove unsanitary materials and substances and clean various surfaces.

Is hoarding really dangerous?

Sometimes hoarders do not get the help they need because they do not believe that they have a problem. Their family and friends may excuse them as “pack rats” and claim that they simply have a habit of becoming attached to things. The reality of the situation is that hoarding is dangerous. Hoarders create unsanitary living conditions for themselves by neglecting to clean up animal droppings, failing to wash their dishes, and having so much clutter that they may not even use their showers for bathing. These conditions bridge the gap between unsanitary and completely unhealthy.

Can I take care of cleanup myself?

It is never a good idea to take on a hoarding situation on your own. This is partially because you do not know what you will find. Many instances involve the presence of hazardous substances and materials like sharp objects, animal feces and urine, and even blood. It is important for a trained professional to handle this type of situation to ensure everyone’s safety.

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