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Cleanup Profession Illustrations

Crime scene cleanup is a profession that’s not for everyone, but it’s an absolute necessity in all communities throughout the country. After police are finished investigating the scene of a crime, cleaners need to be brought in to sterilize the space. There are crime scene cleaners in Orlando who work diligently to clean up blood and other contaminants from crime scenes. Here are some of the things crime scene cleaners must do when they are on the job.

Figure Out What Needs to Be Cleaned

When cleaners arrive at a crime scene, they will begin by taking a look around to see what needs to be cleaned. Some things, like blood stains, are obvious. However, blood and other biohazards can work their way into any crack or crevice in a room, so cleaners need to look everywhere for signs of contamination. Missing even the smallest stain can prove to be detrimental.

Protect Themselves and Their Surroundings From the Spread of Disease

When working at crime scenes, cleaners must wear head-to-toe Tyvek suits as well as rubber gloves, booties, and masks. The smell of death can be incredibly pungent. Additionally, the cleaners need to place plastic over furniture, floors, walls, and anything else that needs to be protected during the cleanup process.

Remove Biohazards Like Blood and Human Waste From Crime Scenes

Once all of the proper precautions have been taken, the cleaners can get to work. They are equipped with special chemicals that allow them to both detect blood and complete blood stain removal. In some situations, they may be forced to remove pieces of walls and flooring that cannot be cleaned. The goal is to remove anything that is potentially harmful from the crime scene and to discard it properly in biohazard containers.

Make Sure the Crime Scene Is 100 Percent Sterilized Before Leaving

After everything else has been done, cleaners use powerful cleaning products designed to kill diseases like HIV, hepatitis, and more. Once this is finished, the crime scene should be safe again.

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