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Behavior of hoarders

Most people are aware that hoarding is not a normal activity, but where do you draw the line between being possessive and a hoarder? Hoarders exhibit a few specific behaviors, and understanding them can alert you to a problem and allow you to get help for your loved one. You might also need to find a cleaning company near Orlando that specializes in hoarding. If your friend, family member, or neighbor has a tendency to hold onto items that should be thrown away, consider keeping an eye out. If you also notice symptoms of anxiety, obsession, or compulsion, it might be time to act. Read on for a look at the behavior of hoarders.

Accruing Extreme Collections

Having a collection or two is normal, whether you collect old trading cards or souvenirs from around the world. Keeping everything that comes through your door, on the other hand, is not normal or healthy. Hoarders typically refuse to let things go, even items that most people would agree have no value to anyone. When this clutter accrues over time, it can affect the dynamic of the home, and it may become a fire hazard or even a biohazard. If you can’t even access some of the rooms in your home because of clutter, it’s time to call the cleaning company.

Exhibiting Symptoms of Anxiety

Hoarding is a mental issue, which is why many people have trouble understanding it. Someone who hoards may also exhibit other symptoms of anxiety. Consider the way your loved one responds to you when you talk about getting rid of some of the waste. Does he or she respond with irritability, nervousness, or suspicion? These are all symptoms that are related to anxiety and may be displayed in other situations as well.

Displaying Obsessive and Compulsive Tendencies

If you have ever watched a cleaning company clear out a hoarder’s house, you may have noticed some of the obsessive and compulsive tendencies at play. The clutter that hoarders collect may in some way represent an inner conflict or something the person lost, which turns into an obsessive and compulsive collection of waste.

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