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Trauma guidelines illustration

A trauma scene can refer to one of many different violent or criminal injuries or deaths, and companies that provide trauma scene cleanup near Orlando are trained and equipped to deal with all scenarios. A trauma scene may contain blood, toxins, bodily fluids, forensic residue, and other biohazardous or chemical waste. Here is a look at the different types of trauma scenes that may necessitate trauma scene cleanup or biohazard cleaning services.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Most people immediately think of a crime scene when they think about biohazard cleanup services. Crime scene cleanup is a huge part of the business, and the government, police, or a victim’s family may contract professional cleaning services to provide crime scene cleaning. A crime scene does not always result in death but includes any assault or homicide that requires police investigation. These crimes can occur anywhere, including a private home, public space, or business. Crime scene cleanup may involve removing forensic residue, like fingerprint dust and special powders that may be hazardous to your health. It may also involve the complete and safe removal of bodily fluids, like blood and urine.

Suicide Cleanup

Suicide cleanup is, unfortunately, one of the most common trauma scenes that a crime scene cleaner will clean up. After a loved one completes suicide, friends and family members should not have to be responsible for cleaning up the scene. A biohazard cleanup company will perform safe, complete blood cleanup, blood removal, and bodily fluids cleanup from the scene. They will decontaminate any fibers or surfaces so that they are free from biohazardous materials. They may even remove certain items or structures from your home if they have been contaminated, to ensure your safety.

Accident and Injury Cleanup

Biohazard cleanup companies also offer accident and injury cleanup at trauma scenes where biohazardous materials are present, regardless of whether death occurred. This may include the scene of a car accident, household accident, or industrial accident. Biohazard cleanup companies can perform biohazardous waste transport and disposal according to all state and federal regulations.

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