• Investigating the Causes of Hoarding

    Hoarding can become a serious health and safety hazard. One part of dealing with hoarding involves bringing in professional cleaning services near Orlando to return the home to a safe condition. What causes hoarding in the first place? This video explains.

    Researchers believe that hoarders process information differently than other people. They may focus on unusual characteristics of objects that make items seem more valuable than they are, which makes it more difficult to throw them away. They may also organize items visually and spatially, rather than categorically. Understanding the causes of hoarding can make hoarding cleanup services more effective, because it allows adjustments to be made to prevent a relapse. In addition to cleaning assistance, most people need hoarding help to completely overcome their problem.

  • Coping with Common Biohazards [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Biohazards are any biological matter that represents a health risk, and they could be in your home. Some biohazards at home are relatively easy to deal with if you handle them properly. For instance, needles from injectable medications are biohazards, but they can be disposed of safely in a medically approved container. The real risks of biohazards in the home occur after a trauma, such as a crime or death, or in the case of hoarding. After a crime, professional blood cleanup is essential to prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens and for proper disposal. Because hoarders often hoard pets, large amounts of toxic animal waste may be present, making professional biohazard cleanup necessary. Visit this infographic from Biohazard Response to learn more. We provide trauma scene cleanup and hoarding help in Orlando and across Central Florida. Please spread the word about safe blood cleanup and help for hoarders by sharing this information.

    Biohazard Removal in Orlando

  • Steps to Take if Your Loved One Begins Hoarding

    Discovering that a loved one is engaging in hoarding behaviors can be scary. You may feel frustrated and concerned about his or her safety, as well as the safety of other people living in the home. Although you may want to get cleaners in right away, it is important to approach your loved one with compassion and patience, so when he or she does get hoarding help in Orlando , the outcome is successful and permanent. If your loved one begins hoarding, take these steps to have the best possible results.

    Get Educated
    For people who don’t feel the urge to hoard, understanding the compulsion can be difficult. Learning about what causes Hoarding in Orlando someone to hoard belongings will help you understand how best to support your loved one. Talk to your doctor or seek out some of the many books and online resources on the subject. As your knowledge about hoarding grows, you may also find it helpful to sit down with a mental health expert to discuss your loved one’s behavior and to make a plan for helping him or her address the issue.

    Adjust Your Expectations
    From the outside, it may seem like an easy solution would be to hire a hoarding cleanup team to come over and clean out your loved one’s home one weekend. What seems simple to you, however, may cause extreme distress for your loved one. Overcoming hoarding is a lengthy and difficult process that cannot be handled in one cleaning session. Praise your loved one for the small steps he or she takes and handle setbacks in stride. When your loved one feels supported instead of judged, he or she will be more likely to accept your help.

    Hire Professional Cleaners
    When your loved one is ready to do a major cleanup of his or her home, hire professional hoarding cleanup services to handle the job. There may be biohazards in the home that should be removed by someone with proper training. In addition, having an outside team come in and help can remove some of the potential for personal disagreements that can arise when family and friends do the cleaning together.

  • What You Need to Know about Blood Cleanup

    When a trauma occurs in your home, blood cleanup is a job that should be left to professionals. While blood stain removal is important, the risk of exposure to biohazards is a more significant issue that should be handled by experts in trauma scene cleanup in Orlando . Before you attempt to clean up after a crime or other trauma on your own, protect yourself by calling a professional cleaning company.

    Blood cleanup requires special safety gear to reduce the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Safe transport of the waste and proper disposal are also required, in accordance with state law. In addition to the physical risks of blood cleanup, the process can also be psychologically challenging. Trauma scene cleanup can trigger troubling memories and emotions, so allowing a team to handle the task gives you the opportunity to focus on healing. A professional team will expertly handle the cleanup and prevent further damage to your property so you can return home sooner with a minimal amount of upheaval.

    Trauma Scene Cleanup in Orlando

  • Answers to Your Questions about Biohazard Cleanup

    If a crime, suicide, or other trauma happens in your home, a biohazard cleanup team can restore your property to its normal condition. In addition to dealing with blood cleanup and crime scene cleaning, biohazard cleanup services can also provide help for hoarding in Orlando . Are you considering hiring a biohazard cleaning team? Here are the answers to some common questions about these services.

    When Do I Need Biohazard Cleanup Services?
    Any time you need something in your home cleaned that could involve exposure to biohazards, you need to hire Hoarding in Orlando professional cleaners. This can include things like blood and other bodily fluids at a crime scene and animal infestations that are associated with hoarding. Contrary to popular belief, the police do not clean up after investigating an event in your home. After they have processed the scene, it is up to the homeowner to handle the cleanup, which is when biohazard services can be used.

    Why Can’t I Just Be Careful While Cleaning?
    It is extremely dangerous to clean up things that could expose you to bloodborne pathogens or other biohazards without the proper safety equipment. Likewise, a lack of knowledge about avoiding transmission could leave you vulnerable. State laws set very specific guidelines for the transportation and disposal of biohazardous waste, and you may not know how or be legally allowed to handle this process yourself.

    How Does a Biohazard Cleanup Service Help Hoarders?
    Hoarding involves more than having a lot of clutter around the house. Hoarding behavior can allow biohazards to accumulate in a home in the form of animal infestation, animal feces, and even animal decomposition, especially when the person hoards pets. Oftentimes, people involved in hoarding are not sure about what dangerous items could be in their homes. When hoarding cleanup is done by a biohazard crew, it ensures that everyone involved in the cleaning process is safe and that the home is thoroughly cleaned.