• How to Handle Crime Scene Cleanup [INFOGRAPHIC]

    After a crime or trauma occurs, many people mistakenly believe that the police or first responders will handle the job of cleaning up. In reality, the police merely process crime scenes for evidence, while cleaning up is the responsibility of the property owner. Once the police investigation is complete, how can you return your property to its original condition? It’s not safe to handle crime scene cleaning on your own because of the risk of communicable diseases in biohazard waste. Likewise, you cannot dispose of biohazardous waste without a license. That is why you need to hire professional crime scene cleaning services. Find out how to hire a biohazard removal service in this infographic from Biohazard Response in Tampa . Most people are unsure of what to do next when they have experienced a trauma or crime in their homes, so help others deal with the issue of trauma scene cleanup by sharing this information.

    Crime Scene Cleanup Infographic

  • Risks Associated with Hoarding

    Hoarding disorder is a pattern of behavior that is characterized by the compulsive purchasing, acquiring, searching, and saving of items that have little or no actual value. Hoarding often causes individuals to fill their home with valueless junk to the point where their quality of life suffers as a result. This behavior typically has many harmful side effects for a hoarder and his or her family members, including emotional, physical, social, financial, and even legal repercussions. If your loved one is a hoarder, discuss these risks associated with hoarding and contact a hoarding cleanup company in Tampa to help your loved one turn his or her life around.

    Health Problems
    A home full of junk is not a safe environment for anyone. In addition to the risk of injury resulting from falls or accidents and the inability of emergency personnel to enter the home and remove an ill Hoarding Cleanup Company in Tampa or hurt person, clutter, garbage, and human waste can cause respiratory and other health problems. If hoarding has resulting in unsanitary living conditions, contact a hoarding cleanup company that specializes in biohazard cleanup and waste removal.

    If hoarding gets out of hand, the local Department of Public Health may order the person out of the house or condemn the dwelling if the landlord demonstrates in court that the level of hoarding seriously violates the lease. Some shelters have been known to refuse individuals whose hoarding puts other guests at risk. The sooner you contact a hoarding cleanup company in Tampa, the sooner you can help your loved one cope with their mental disorder to avoid living on the streets.

    Legal Repercussions
    Hoarding can also lead to steep fines and even jail time if conditions pose a risk to children, dependent adults, and animals. The Department of Children and Families can remove children from a home that poses serious health and safety risks due to hoarding and bring child endangerment charges against the hoarder. Improper care or neglect of animals can also bring felony-level charges, fines, and imprisonment.

  • Types of Biohazardous Waste

    If your home or business was the scene of a crime of any other type of trauma, you may need a biohazard cleanup company in Tampa to remove waste and fluids that may contain infectious substances or materials. All human blood and blood byproducts are considered biohazardous waste, including plasma, blood tissue, and anything contaminated by blood. All human bodily fluids, regardless of being liquid or semi-liquid, are also considered biohazardous. Pathological waste includes all human tissues, organs, and body parts.

    Do not risk your health by attempting to clean up biohazardous waste on your own. Instead, contact a professional biohazard cleanup and removal company in Tampa. Professional trauma and crime scene cleanup technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and safety apparatuses to quickly, thoroughly, and safely remove biohazardous waste from your property.

    Biohazard Cleanup Company in Tampa

  • Reasons to Trust the Pros with Blood Cleanup

    If your home or business was the scene of a violent crime, tragic accident, or suicide, there is likely pools of blood and other bodily fluids that need to be cleaned up. Blood cannot be properly cleaned with rags and mops, and cleaning up blood can be dangerous if not handled by a professional. If a crime or suicide has occurred on your property, consider the following reasons to hire a blood cleanup company in Tampa . Before you hire a blood cleanup crew, make sure the company is certified in Trauma Scene Management, OSHA compliant, and fully licensed and insured. crime - scene

    Avoid Bloodborne Disease
    The number one reason to leave blood cleanup with a professional is to protect yourself and family or employees. Biohazard removal professionals use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and safety apparatuses to clean up blood and other bodily fluids without exposing themselves to AIDS/HIV, hepatitis, and other bloodborne diseases. This is especially true if the blood in your home or business came from a stranger.

    Prevent Psychological Trauma
    Cleaning a large amount of blood, especially blood resulting from a violent crime or suicide, can be traumatic. Even if you have a strong stomach and a tolerance for gory movies, cleaning up blood in real life can take an emotional toll. Instead of enduring the psychological trauma and emotional hardship of cleaning blood yourself, let the blood cleanup experts in Tampa take care of it for you.

    Minimize Property Damage
    When pools of blood spill, time is of the essence to prevent further property damage. Blood that isn’t quickly and thoroughly removed may permeate your floors, causing considerable damage and requiring major repairs and biohazard cleanup. Contact a blood cleanup company as soon as possible to limit the damage and get your life back in order.

  • Reviews: “Always a Joy”

    Since 1988, Biohazard Response, Inc. provided blood and crime scene cleanup services to the Central Florida area. When a tragedy occurs, we are there to take the stress out of cleaning up all biohazard waste so you don’t have to. Visit our Google+ page to see what some of our clients have to say about us. We would also love to hear from you. Please take a moment to leave a review of your own.

    “Always a joy working with Michael and his crew. They are always prompt and do a spectacular job!!” – Jennifer H.

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  • Busting Myths About Blood Borne Pathogens

    Blood borne pathogens are microorganisms that can be found in human blood. These microorganisms can be transmitted from person to person, resulting in the transmission of diseases. If you are in need of blood cleaning serving Orlando , you may be wondering about the myths and facts about blood borne pathogens. Some common myths include that transmission cannot be prevented after exposure. In fact, immediate action can help prevent transmission. Another myth is that viruses are no longer contagious after they have been exposed to air. By working with a company offering biohazard removal, you can get answers to all of your questions about blood cleaning. To help you prepare for a blood cleanup appointment, here is a look at some common myths and facts about blood borne pathogens.